The documentary feature The Sweet Taste of Success takes place in the Madrid district of Lavapies. It explores its multicultural character showing its daily life as a point of reflection on the current society through the figure of a former singer of zarzuela of 89 years that was very successful in its time. Maria Teresa is an example of a positive attitude and offers us her particular energy and vision of life. In the documentary we have the interventions of several national and international intellectuals, such as Fernando Savater, Javier Sádaba and personalities from the world of science and the psychology of the global platform TED Talks, Alberto García Alix among others. The documentary is also a fresco that portrays in a poetic way the neighborhood of Madrid more authentic in its roots and now also multicultural in its details, with its people, their corners, their art …

It is an immersion in a very Spanish dimension , Very particular, but with a universal vision, through the cinematographic, that allows us to spread an image and values ​​”very madrileños” both nationally and internationally. We also have the support and enthusiasm of the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid, which has allowed us to film María Teresa in her touching reencounter with the stage.Thanks to these aspects we present several deep facets of the soul of Madrid and of the Spanish culture.

The style is thought combining the report with the cinematographic narrative, taking into account the rhythm and the sensibility of the current public.

72 min


Fernando Savater
Javier Sádaba
TED Talk
María Teresa Paniagua
Alberto García Alix

Emanuele Giusto
Carlos Tejeda

Original music
Antonio Lo Riso