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A day in Athens lived with the actress Alexandra Aidini, lead actress in the film “The weeping meadow” by the director Theo Angelopoulos.

Opinions, experiences, the amazing life of a city that is changing under the blows of the crisis.
Athens is becoming a nervous city, sad, hungry.
The interviews of the most important woman of Greece, and the real life of artists, entrepreneurs, experts, normal people, show how the opulence of the Greek capital is transforming into extreme

An unbelievable situation and a human emergency in the middle of Europe. South of Europe vs North Europe. Greece vs Germany. Pessimism vs the new positive view that reconsider the existence without the necessity of materialism.
The documentary comes from the investigation of Emanuele Giusto and Gianni Perrelli, one of the most experienced reporter in Italy with global reach, signature of the magazine L’Espresso.
The most important woman politician of Greece, and citizens, artists, experts show in the documentary how the opulence of the Greek capital would be transformed into extreme poverty.
The catchy rhythm that accompanies the doc is the result of the professionalism and generosity of some of the most prominent artists of the greek scene. production
Reporters Emanuele Giusto and Gianni Perrelli
Directed shot & cut by Kantfish
Music Tsimis Panousis, Kostis Maraveyas, Ernest,,


“Nobody like Athens” was born from the need to emphasize a new aspect of the economic crisis in Greece.

We set out to discover the face of everyday life in Athens. We did it by following the real life of the actress Alexandra Aidini, star of the “The Weeping Meadow” by renowned director Theodoros

We want to show the Greek reality – in many cases extremely tragic – in a new way: with style, with strength and in some cases even with the contrast of a smile. Computer graphics and animations
further enrich our understanding of the present.

Anyone who has not been in the Greek capital does not really know what life is like in Athens. A few years ago, nobody could have
imagined that the wealth of the Greek capital during the Olympics would become absolute poverty.
Athens teaches us that in difficult times we must learn to live in
solidarity. And in some cases, this situation helps us to realize dreams that would seem impossible if the economic situation was

In the documentary we consider important points of view of experts, prominent politicians, entrepreneurs, artists and “normal” people, the citizens. Our investigations are the result of research and in-depth analysis of two of the most important Italian reporters, Emanuele Giusto and Gianni Perrelli, one of the most experienced international staff reporters of the magazine L’Espresso.

In Europe, discussions center on austerity measures, while the Greek people and the countries of the Mediterranean are forced every day to come to grips with a new unacceptable reality. Theresponsibility belongs to everyone, the errors are obvious, but the common fault cannot be an excuse to sink the Mediterranean people.

Official Selections International Festivals

HAI VISTO MAI  FINALIST Documentary Film Festival – (Italy) / Luca Zingaretti director (Commissario Montalbano)
ALCine International film festival. Sección “Dedo en la llaga”. Alcalá de Henares – Madrid (Spain)
IFFEST Document.ART XXI International Film Festival. Bucharest (Romania)
Ko&D[GITAL Festival Internacional de Cinema SociaLi. Solidario. Barcelona (Spain)
THREE CITY International Film Festival Los Ángeles, New York (USA) / Santo Domingo
LOS ANGELES International Film Festival – Los Angeles California (USA)
JUMP THE CUT International Film Festival Singapore (Singapur)