World Water Day – Official Vídeo

for FAO Food and Agricolture Organization – United Nations

World Water Day 2012 official video, focusing on the theme of the campaign “Water and Food Security”.
Directed and Produced by and featuring a soundtrack by DDG Project. Animations by
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Around 70% of the poor in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia are rural, and agriculture is often their only livelihood opportunity. Proper irrigation technologies could help them do better in terms of productivity and income.

This 3-minutes animation illustrates the impacts of access to motor pumps for irrigation on farmers’ livelihood, food security and poverty reduction.

It shows where to invest, because in sub-Saharan Africa, investments in motor pumps could benefit 187 million people and generate net revenues of USD 22 billion a year.
Animation produced by Kantfish Production with an original soundtrack by for FAO in the framework of the AGWATER Solutions project.