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Emanuele Giusto

I always wrote in pictures and always had a camera with me. I met and learned from international image masters. I was hungry for knowledge and I began to live a thousand lives. My home was mostly Madrid, Sicily, Italy, the Mediterranean, Angola, Cape Verde, I recognized the human being in Malawi, Sri Lanka, I defended myself in the streets without squares in Miami, I discovered something brilliant in the Nevada desert. I understood that I had to look for my way of being, to live.

My audiovisual works of video art, cinematographic and documentary have received 25 laurels in international festivals and a public award in Germany. My images have been exposed in scenarios like the Circulo de Bellas de Arte in Madrid, have been protagonists as in the International Prize for Plastic Art Obra Abierta and my reports were published in the largest publications in Spain, Italy, United States and UK; Among others, L’Espresso (Italy), El País Semanal (Spain); Venerdí di Repubblica, the magazine of Corriere della Sera (Italy); XL Weekly, Rolling Stone (Spain); Guardian (UK); Foreign Policy (USA). My photos have been distributed by the agencies AP, Contact, Notimex and published by Lunwerg of the Planet Group.

I have published a book on the changes of social systems of the phenomenon low cost with the prestigious publisher Feltrinelli. Guest on TV and national radios in Italy and Spain. Rai uno Unomattina, Rai 3 Cominciamo Bene, La 7 Effettodomino, Radio 24 Il Sole24Ore Salvadanaio, Cuore and Denari, RadioDueRai Farenheit, RNE Radiocinco Todnoticias Radio Nacional de España.

Director and producer of the film Maria Teresa El Dulce Sabor del Éxito, feature documentary, in the postproduction phase. 2015-2017 Director and short fiction producer ALMAmATER, 2014, director and short documentary producer Nadie Como Athens, 2013 Director Video art music Chaos, 2012; Far West Luanda 2010, World Water Day, 2012.

Law degree (5 years) of Perugia University, in Italy; Master in photography and image technique in Efti, Madrid (2 years). Expert Cultural Entrepreneur degree of Univerity of Palma de Gran Canaria. 


Director producer Shortfilm non-ficción ALMAmATER, 2014
Director productor Shortfilm documentary Nadie Como Atenas, 2013 
Director Official Video World Water Day, 2012, FAO United Nations.
Director art music Chaos, 2012; Far West Luanda Report, 2010