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The Sweet Taste of Success

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El Dulce Sabor del Éxito is a journey in everyday reality that reflects on the concept of success.

What is the real sense of success in our life?

Internationally renowned figures, the film main character from Zaragoza (Aragón, Spain) María Teresa Paniagua – an explosive being – and the neighborhood of Lavapiés, in Madrid, serve the purpose of reflecting on success and on all those ingredients that are part of the existence.

With a style that follows the spirit of the “enfants terrible” of the Nouvelle Vague, but with the Madrid feel, the film leaves space for spontaneity. The shooting took place camera-at-hand out in the streets, in order to capture all those everyday expressions that bring life to its fullest.

The reflection on the concept of success is developed with interviews with
representatives of the artistic, scientific and intellectual world as the tenor Plácido Domingo, the actress “chica Almodovar” Rossy de Palma, the philosophers Fernando Savater and Javier Sádaba, the photographer Alberto García-Alix, the monk Matthieu Richard, the psychiatrist Martin Seligman, the professor of Harvard University Nancy Etcoff, trainer, writer and lecturer, Victor Kuppers, of TED Talks.
Also the documentary shows the interviews of the artist Pilar Albarracín, the actor Leo Bassi, the director of the Teatro de la Zarzuela Daniel Bianco, the singer and actor Enrique R. Del Portal, the psychologist Tania Evans, the director of the CIVSEM Miguel Ángel Velázquez and the youtuber JPelirrojo,

This documentary tries to be a balm for the spirit.


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“The Sweet Taste of Success”, El Dulce Sabor del Éxito, received the
Award of Merit
for Notable Artistic and Technical Productions
of the #IMPACTdocsAwards, USA California.

The award “supports and promotes filmmakers who are making a
difference in the critical issues of our times through producing impactful documentaries,
contributing to the world through enlightening documentary films”.