María Teresa – Feature Documentary (eng)

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The Sweet Taste of Success is the feature documentary that investigates the mechanisms of our existence to make a reflection on the current life that serves as an inspiration to live better.

Are we sure of what success is?

Maria Teresa Paniagua, our Virgilio, is an example of a positive attitude that offers us her particular energy and vision of life. The Madrid district of Lavapiés is protagonist, with its multicultural character, its daily life. Maria Teresa was a diva, was famous in the decade of the 60, being the first figure in all the zarzuelas that acted. At the age of 89, she continues to maintain her leading role in her daily life.

The documentary proposes a theorem with the interventions of artists, national and international intellectuals, such as Placido Domingo, Fernando Savater, Javier Sádaba, representatives of the artistic world such as Alberto García-Alix, Pilar Albarracín, Leo Bassi, Daniel Bianco and personalities from the world of science and the psychology of the global platform TED Talks, Martin Seligman, Nancy Etcoff, Victor Kuppers, Matthieu Ricard, psychologist Tania Evans, singer and actor Enrique R. Del Portal, to the new figures of broad media impact On the internet as the youtuber JPelirrojo.

The documentary is a fresco that also portrays in a poetic way the district of Lavapiés, in Madrid, with its details, with its people, its corners, its art … It is a journey through a very Spanish dimension, very particular, but with a universal vision , Through the cinematographic, that allows us to spread an image and values ​​”very castizos” both nationally and internationally. We also count on the immense institutional support and enthusiasm of the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid, which has allowed us to film María Teresa in her poignant reunion with the stage and accompanies us on our journey to spread all these cultural and educational aspects that are Aim to make our lives better.

In The Sweet Taste of Success, the story is combined with the narrative film, taking into account the rhythm and the sensibility of the current audience.

This documentary tries to be a balm for the spirit.